Dia de los Muertos: Sugar Skulls

From far away many people first think Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead which is celebrated in Mexico and a number of other Latin American countries is a little on the morbid side. Once you research a little more about it, you come to realize it's actually a celebration and day of remembrance for your loved ones who have passed. It's proves to be comforting and really brings a lot of meaning to celebrating their life and not just remembering that they have passed.  One of the most meaningful ways to celebrate is by creating a small altar of some of their favorite items that they enjoyed while living. Marigolds are a common flower that is used to decorate with, their favorite foods are also very common to display and pictures of the deceased. One of the most unique items people put on altars are small items made of sugar, most commonly sugar skulls.

This year, I planned a very cool workshop for children to teach them the tradition of making sugar skulls and the meaning of Dia de los Muertos. 60 kids came and had a blast decorating their sugar skull and listening to an expert from our very own Institute of Texan Cultures.

You can make sugar skulls at home on your own, Just know they do take some time and a little practice.  I've attached some links to a website that can give you access to purchasing the skulls already made or the kit to make your own.

Source: www.mexicansugarskull.com

National Taco Day!

National Taco Day!

5 lbs of pork shoulder cubed sliced in 1/2 inch slabs

3 wt oz of achiote paste

1/2 cup chipotel

1 clove of garlic

1 Tbsp Salt

3 guajillo chiles

1 fl oz of Apple Cider Vinegar.

1. for the guajillo chiles, toast on a cast iron skillet, then rehydrate in hot water for approximately 45 minutes, once they are pliable remove seeds and stem.

2. Combine the chiles, salt, garlic, chipotle, achiote, and vinegar in a blender and add 1/2 cup of water, blend until smooth.

3. Marinate the Pork overnight and grill the next day or roast in the oven on 400 degrees. Chop into small 1/4 inch cubes and serve on mini corn tortillas(found in hispanic grocery stores)

4. Garnish with diced white onion, cilantro, lime wedges, and diced pineapple.

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